I’ve been a part of this group for a while now but I just recently started giving it more of my time and it’s paying off. I started my account with $1200. Once I started asking questions and followed along I’ve grown it to $8000. Not a huge amount of money but I’m proud. Thanks to the teams and special thanks to Jermain for opening my eyes.

T 02

Advice for monetary advancement is top notch but what sets this group apart is the community it creates. Since day one of joining, it has felt like every single person is there to learn and uplift each other. It blew my mind and added a team to my grateful list. Genuine interest in your success is something you don’t often find outside of yourself, you will find it here.

T 03

I joined the group because I wanted to make a second income. However I did not expect to learn so much and become part of a trading family. Everyone wants to help each other succeed and grow in knowledge and financially. I started with zero knowledge. Now I feel comfortable trading and making profits daily has just become normal. Each day we are trading ideas in the group and there are constantly new stocks and plays being made. Each week I learn more and more and look(...)

T 04

Where do I even start, there are so many positives. To me investing was something I was intimidated by, scared to try. I didn’t even know where to start, but now I wish I would’ve started years ago. The knowledge, the kindness, the DC, willing to lend a piece of advice, 24/7 support, I can go on and on/ If you want to waste your money gambling or on “toys”, go ahead. But if you want to invest in yourself and your future, there is no better choice than SMARK. No(...)

T 05

I started with the GPA group at the beginning of Jan. I started with $1000 and with the guidance of the group in 1 month I've been able triple my investment . Before I started I had zero knowledge of the investment world and now I can hold a conversation on various topics like crypto currency, investing vs trading and real estate. This group has transformed my life forever for the best version of myself. I not only have a better feeling about retiring but now have a(...)

T 06

I first knew Jai as a coach and how passionate he was about helping others achieve their goals, so I signed up with him as an athlete. Through his guidance Jai enabled me to transform my physique into the best it has ever been. When I heard that Jai was involved with the stock market I watched as he grew his knowledge with the same passion that he had with his athletic team. In true Jai fashion he quickly turned that passion for securing a financial future into(...)

T 07

Successful trading and investing is a constant exercise, and the SMARK group has proven to be the best workout partner

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