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Jermain Pitter

Jermain Pitter is a business-owner and IFBB pro bodybuilder out of Toronto, Canada. The Founder and CEO of SMARK Capital, his passion is breaking down the walls that block regular people from financial freedom. That’s the “why” behind his decision to build a community providing investment support and education to everyday people.

Before SMARK, Jermain had fallen into a pattern. He’d become path-dependent, working in IT for enough years to become an expert and then some. He was always ambitious, but he also grew up without any real financial guidance and was under-educated in how to grow his wealth outside of the 9 to 5.

In 2020, Jermain lost his job. He cites this change as one of the best things to ever happen to him. His entrepreneurial creativity was jogged as he re-captured the aggressive self-belief that drove his early career wins. He took all of his energy (and funds) and sunk it into financially educating himself. He searched out allies, resources and partners that could propel his mission forward. As he woke up to what was possible, he had two reactions. He was partially excited at the strides he could make bringing the basics to the masses. But he was also angry that this information had been held from him for so long. That’s when his path to financial education – of himself and others – began and the seeds of SMARK were born.

“If we can help 5,000 people open an investment account to start their journey and even maybe pick up one of these books, I feel like I’ve done my part to provide what I think society failed to give us,” says Jermain.

As a young man, Jermain found himself in Taekwondo gyms consistently up against older sparring partners. This was his father’s way of stretching his son’s ability and discipline. Jermain felt he was always fighting an uphill battle and that set the tone for his drive the rest of his life. Years later, he’d literally make a career on the back of “failure” as he launched himself into the bodybuilding world and in just 4 years, won his competition at the NPC DR Coat of Arms Championship and became and IFBB PRO. Where his duality lives is the space between his intense desire to become elite in whatever he picks up and the comfort he feels in trial-by-fire moments of failure.

For Jermain, worse than not winning is not trying to learn. So when he lost his job and realized how much there was to learn about investing, trading and mentorship, he knew he’d found his the next era and mission of his life.

“I’m not only a member, I’m a client because I come from a part of life that doesn’t advocate for learning about these things. I come from the closed part of society that believes this is too far from their reach.”


Johan Sellarajah

Johan Sellarajah is a serial entrepreneur and Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer of SMARK Capital. With several successful business builds and exits under his belt, Johan’s vision for SMARK is the product of years of experience and an intense commitment to learning more. To know Johan is to know someone who is always looking out for those around him. He’s a galvanizer of talent, an organizer of ideas, an optimizer of opportunity. He’s also scared; scared of the consequences of a public he says is severely under-educated about exactly the topics that matter most. Top of mind for Johan is climate change and financial literacy. This is the place where Johan’s passion for taking care of others collides with his love for growing businesses.

Johan rose up in a family focused on discipline, work ethic and financial stability. His early days were spent heading from skating to swimming lessons to private tutoring and Kumon. Having the discipline to hold that many obligations at a young age was a challenge, but one his parents believed would ready him for a productive life. And it did. Six months after graduating university, he started his first business and never looked back as he started his family, eventually sold his business and looked toward locking in his family’s financial stability along the way.

As one of SMARK’s executive officers, Johan doubles as a community ambassador and connector. Far removed from the ivory towers of old-world executives, Johan is inside the community contributing, learning, encouraging and living his life. He takes great pride in finding a home at SMARK because of how aligned the company’s values are with his own.

“Consistently acquiring more knowledge has helped me succeed,” he explains. “Not having that closed vision and making sure you’re always looking ahead is a perspective I champion. It’s worked for me and it’s the foundation of SMARK’s culture.”


Steven Yau

Steven Yau is a business owner, salesperson and Chief Risk Officer of SMARK Capital. And what does he think the world owes him? Nothing. That’s because Steven’s career has been defined by his own proactivity, drive and tenacity from the beginning, when he made the bold choice to move from Hong Kong to the United States alone at 15. Without parental discipline as a backstop, Steven taught himself to stand on his own two feet and never rest on his past wins.

After putting himself through school for economics and finance, Steven grew his wealth through self-taught investing, B2C sales work and entrepreneurship. He rose to prominence in corporate settings only to find he ultimately didn’t feel great about stressing over the success of others. However, he did find value and satisfaction in helping others discover their own potential – and that goes beyond money. That’s where SMARK Capital comes in.

“There’s only so much you can do with more money,” Steven explains. “We all want more money, but when you think about it, nobody who has money is working for money. They are working for purpose, because they don’t need the money. That’s where I want to help others get to.”

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