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“When I got laid off, I sat there and cried,” says Jermain Pitter, Founder and CEO of SMARK. “I’m not crying now though. It was the best thing that could’ve happened to me.” It wasn’t long after hitting this low that Jermain made his first investment. One modest win later, the IFBB Pro bodybuilder, but first-time investor, was flexing his trade on Instagram.

“We’d never talked about stocks, but when I saw that post I was excited that he was getting interested in investing.” says Steven Yau, SMARK Chief Risk Officer, who already had almost a decade of personal investing experience. Steven was coming off the successful sale of his first company and had seen some great success in the markets. He’d shared a bodybuilding coach with Jermain since 2012, but this was the first time they were supporting each other’s financial progress. Steven and Jermain’s conversations ramped up quickly, which led them down a deep, all-consuming hole of investment education. 

Their idea was to create a community to provide the kind of investment support and education that everyday people need to break through. It wouldn’t be for professionals; it would be for the passionate part timers, first timers and novices. It would empower you by leveraging the power of the crowd to provide mentorship, mental fortitude and comradery. 

“It’s thriving because it’s filling a gap,” explains Johan Sellarajah, SMARK COO and CFO. “This information isn’t available to the mass public and why is that?” Johan, the third driving force behind SMARK, is an experienced businessperson with two sold businesses under his belt along with extensive corporate executive experience. Having deep roots with Jermain dating back to college, Johan joined the SMARK community out of curiosity himself. After just a few weeks, he started to see the impact this was having on others. Since growing wealth is SMARK’s business and growing businesses is Johan’s business, the union made perfect sense. 

With the foundation set, every day the SMARK community is working together to change what millionaires look like. Today, this community is thriving.

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